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Once your clients have begun to make online bookings, it is essential that you understand the process involved in processing these online booking requests – or "service requests" as they are referred to in the software. You also need to know how these bookings appear in your software, how to manage the bookings and, when ready, accept and schedule the bookings into your diary/schedule.


You will learn how to view a service request, assign the service to a staff member, and how to schedule it.


There are other functions that you can use with service requests – such as emailing clients and/or sitters about the request, or editing the request eg. changing the time of the service or adding a staff note – and when you are ready to learn more, you can take a look at the help section Service Requests


Step 1: How do I Manage Online Bookings (Service Requests)?

Tammy's client, Linda, has requested a dog walk for Wednesday next week through the client portal. Tammy has received a notification email informing her of this, and she needs to process the service request prior to scheduling it.  

You firstly need to know how to identify that a service request has been received. You should have received a CC email of the client's service request, but how do you access the service request in Pet Sitter Plus?


1. You will see 2 notification areas on the HOME screen about service requests. You can either:

a) click on the "red box" above the "Scheduler" icon, or 

b) click on the link "Clients with outstanding service requests".


You can also navigate straight through to Scheduler > Schedule > Service Requests.



  • Manage Online Bookings


The list of all service requests outstanding will be displayed here.


2. Click the link by Linda's name "1 service request".



NOTE: BEFORE you an schedule a job, you need to "assign" a sitter to the service.


3. Check the box by the service request and click the button "Edit Requests..."


4. Select the "Staff" member from the dropdown "Gates, Tammy". Click "Update".



5. Check the box by the service request and click the button "Schedule Services..."



6. Choose the "July" service order from the dropdown and click "Schedule Services"


7. You can see the service has been added to the July walks service order.


8. The service request has also been scheduled, as seen her in the Schedule Column View.


9. The client receives an automatic notification email that their online service request has been scheduled. This is CC'd to your admin email inbox as well.


This tutorial demonstrates how you can begin to manage the service request workflow for online bookings within Pet Sitter Plus. To gain a greater understanding of the options available when you are ready to learn more, you can take a look at the Help pages for the Service Requests.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


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