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Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with one or two example staff records for you to use during your training. We will look at how you add a new staff member to the software, and once you have completed this step, how you allow them access to Pet Sitter Plus in 3-2 Add Staff Login

Step 1: How do I Add a Staff Record?

Tammy has a sitter called Janet Price, who she wants to help her with scheduling and invoicing as well as dog walking. Jan is also on a higher compensation rate than the other sitters. Tammy needs to add her to Pet Sitter Plus.


1. Click the "+ New Staff" button.



  • Add a Staff Record

For Further Help:
Add Staff Login
Staff Types

2. Type the First Name "Janet" and the Last Name "Price". Click "Create Staff".

We will enter a "DiaryRef - Staff Short name (Appears in Schedule)" for Janet. As this setting governs how their name will appear in the schedule it should be simple and easy to identify them. This can be the name they are known by if that makes it easier.


3. Type Janet's name into the DiaryRef  "Jan"


4. Continue entering the following into Janet's staff record:


  • Home Phone: "904 123 4567"

  • Work Mobile: "904 987 6543"

  • Work Email: ""

  • Personal Email: ""

  • Preferred Contact: Choose "Any"

  • Email Schedule (sent to work email): toggle the switch to "ON" (this will ensure Jan is emailed her work for the next day)

  • Address: "12200 Main St N, Jacksonville, FL 32218"


Click "Update" to save.

Next, enter an "Emergency Contact" for Janet.


5. Click the "Emergency Contacts" option in the sub menu on the left.


Enter the following into the first contact:

  • First Name: "Steve"

  • Last Name: "Price"

  • Relationship to Staff: Choose "Husband" from the dropdown.

  • Email: ""

  • Cell Phone: "904 586 5454"


Click "Update" to save.

We will check and set the "Location" map for Janet. This is a useful skill for using on your client records.


6. Click the "Location" option in the sub menu on the left. Check that her address is displaying in the field above the map area. Click the "Search" button to view Janet's home location on the map.


Click "Update" to save.

We will add a setting to ensure Janet is paid compensation at the "Pay Level 2" rate.


7. Click the "Settings" option in the sub menu on the left.


On the dropdown for "Staff Type" choose "Pay Level 2".


Click "Update" to save.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:


< Step 3: Add Staff < 3-1 Add staff records


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