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OPTIONAL: Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with one or two client types for you to use during your training. This is an optional feature of the software that may be of benefit to your business. If not, you can skip this section and go onto Step 5 Add Pets and Routines.


We will look at how you add a new client type to the software, and then how to apply it to a client account. 


In your pet business you might want to group your clients in different ways:

  • perhaps you need to identify clients who belong to different groups for marketing purposes or

  • perhaps you need to charge groups of clients different amounts for the same service. 


For example, in Step 2 Add Services 2-2 Add Charge Conditions we used client types to apply a 10% discount to the fish feeding service for clients where this client type had been set on their account.


Step 1: How do I Add a new Client Type?

Tammy charges a reduced price for clients who book 5 dog walks per week.


In order to automatically apply this price reduction to a client's invoice, we use a "client type" to tell Pet Sitter Plus to reduce the price for any client who has the client type of "5 days a week".


1. Click "Add New Client Type" from the sub menu on the left.



  • Add a Client Type

  • Apply a Client Type

For Further Help:
Client Types

2. Type the name for the new payment type "5 days a week".


3. Click "Create Client Type".

Navigation: Clients > Click on the client name to access their account > Client Admin > Settings

Step 2: How do I add the new Client Type to the Client's Account?

Tammy's client, Linda Macauley, will need to have this client type as her dog Sammy will be having a daily dog walk. 


1. From Linda's client record, click "Client Admin > Settings" from the sub menu on the left.


2. Choose "5 days a week" from the dropdown by "Client Type". Click "Update" to save.

Now, the next time Linda is sent an invoice, she will be charged the reduced rate for her dog walks. We will raise an invoice for Linda in Step 8 Quotes & Invoices.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


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