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This report helps to identify services that can be invoiced and turned into cash. It lists all invoices that have not yet been sent to your clients and has advanced features to support bulk billing. The report will also help you:

  • improve quality by checking invoices before sending.

  • speed up billing by sending invoices en-masse.

  • improve your credit control and save time by collecting card payments at the same time as creating invoices.

  • improve the billing process using professional pre-defined covering emails.

  • create invoices without sending a covering email (eg: when you want to print and post invoices or if all of your clients view their invoice details using your client portal).


You will learn how to run the uninvoiced report and create an invoice from there to send to a client.

Step 1: How do I Run the Uninvoiced Report?


At the end of the month, Tammy is ready to send out invoices to all her clients that have had dog walking services during the month.


1. Enter the dates from "06/01/2019" to "06/30/2019" and click "Show Report". All quotes with services ready to be invoiced between those dates will be displayed.



  • View the Uninvoiced Report

  • Raise Invoices in Bulk

For Further Help:
For Further Help:
Uninvoiced Report

You would usually see a lot more invoices in the report as it would contain all the work you had undertaken during the month, and not yet invoiced. (See below for an example of how a bulk invoicing list might look.)


In our tutorial scenario, the only invoice due to be invoiced is the one for the home visit to Linda's dog Sammy.


2. Check the box by the invoice you want to create in bulk (in our case there is only one).


3. Click the button to "Create Invoices (Email)...".

4. The invoice email template "Invoice Template 2 Online Payments" is pre-configured in your software, although there are other email templates that you can select. Click "Create Invoice(s)" to send out your invoices in bulk to the client's email address that you entered into their client record.

Example Scenario: Bulk Invoicing by Payment Type


The example bulk invoicing report below shows a month's invoicing by "payment type" of "Monthly PrePay".


You can see there is a credit card column showing a green "S" icon. When you have set up an account with Stripe to take card payments online, you will be able to take payment automatically from the payment cards that your clients have registered in their client portal, at the same time as when you create your invoices. These are indicated by the green "S" icon – all other clients will need to be invoiced separately as usual. See our tutorial session Step 11 - Invite Clients to the Portal to learn how to do this.

When you go to create the Stripe invoices and take payment automatically, you need to switch the option ON for "Take Payment if Applicable". It may be more appropriate to change the email template for the pre-configured one "Invoice Template 3 Paid CC" which acknowledges payment and attaches the invoice for information only.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.


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