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Your schedule can be viewed in a variety of ways with the ability to filter the schedule so you only see certain items in your view.


You may want to see all of your cancelled services during a certain day, week or month for various reasons. Perhaps you feel that some clients are cancelling too often, or you just need to verify that you did indeed cancel some upcoming services.


Navigate to Scheduler > Schedule > Column View


How do I view the Column View of the Schedule by Cancelled Services Only?

  • The default view of the Schedule is "Scheduled & Completed" services.

  • To change the default view to "Cancelled Services Only," click on the drop-down menu called "Scheduled & Completed Services" and then select "Cancelled Services Only".


The Schedule will automatically display only the Cancelled services for the given period.


        ON MOBILE



  • Tap the Navigator, and select Scheduler > Schedule > Column View



  • On the Column View, tap "Scheduled & Completed Services"

  • ​Tap on "Cancelled Services Only"

  • Tap "Done"

  • The Schedule will now display all previously scheduled services that have been cancelled.

  • You will see the services in the first column in your schedule first (i.e. Morning).

  • To toggle through the other columns in your schedule (for example, Midday, Afternoon, and Evening columns), then tap the right/left arrows in the column header.


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