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You may need to cancel one or multiple services on your schedule. For instance, you might need to cancel several dog walks that fall on a certain holiday because several clients do not need service that day. Or you may need to cancel a single service because one client stayed home from work due to illness and no longer needs the service only that day. 


Services that are cancelled:

  • are removed from the administrators schedule and the staff schedules so that the work does not get carried out but can still be viewed if necessary.

  • will remain on your service order "greyed out" so that it is easy to distinguish them from "un-canceled" jobs. Optionally, you can choose to show cancelled services on the staff and client schedules (see ​Show Cancelled Services in the Staff / Client Schedules For) and select how long you want to show them for.

  • remain on client quotes and invoices so that the client (and you) have a full record of all transactions on the account.

  • remain on staff compensation reports but are shown with zero compensation. It is possible to manually re-instate the compensation payment if required. 


NOTE: Canceled jobs can be re-instated if they were canceled in error (see below how to do this).


Navigate to Scheduler > Schedule > Column View


How Do I Cancel One or Multiple Services from the Column View?

  • To cancel one or more services, select the service(s) by checking the box to the left of the service, or

  • ​Use the "All" checkbox above the Schedule to select all services​.

  • Then click "Cancel".


Once you cancel a service, it will automatically be removed from the default "Scheduled & Completed" view of the Schedule.

  • However, to view your cancelled services, simply click the drop-down menu for "Scheduled & Completed Services" and select "Cancelled Services Only".​

  • This will display your Cancelled Services for the given time period.


  • Cancelled services will remain in the client's service Order.

  • They will be clearly marked "Cancelled".

  • Note that you can "un-cancel" any service by selecting it and clicking the "Cancel" button.

  • You can also Edit cancelled services, for instance if you need to add a late cancellation charge to the cancelled service. ​To edit a service, select the service then click the "Edit..." button (see Editing Services)​

  • The cancelled service(s), whether there is a zero charge or if you added a cancellation charge, will show on the client's invoice.​

        ON MOBILE 



  • Tap the Navigator, and select Scheduler > Schedule > Column View



  • To Cancel services from the column view, navigate to the services you need to cancel.

  • Use the right/left arrows in the column header to move through the columns on the Schedule (Morning, Midday, etc).

  • Select the service(s) by tapping the checkbox(es).

  • You can select individual services, or use the "All" checkbox to select all services​.

  • Tap "Actions".


  • Tap "Cancel" to cancel the selected service(s).


Your cancelled services will be removed from the "Scheduled & Completed" view of the Schedule.

  • To view your Cancelled Services, you can sort your schedule by tapping the drop-down menu at the top of the page and selecting "Cancelled Services Only".


It is an option in Pet Sitter Plus to show cancelled services in the Staff interface and in the Client portal. See ​Show Cancelled Services in the Staff / Client Schedules For for more details.

  • For example, with "Show Cancelled Jobs in Staff / Client Schedules" set to 5 days, a job cancelled up to 5 days before the service start date will show (as a cancelled service) in the staff jobs list (desktop/laptop view) and in the client's schedule in the Client portal​.


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