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The delete function is often used when you have made a lot of scheduling errors on a service order to the point where it is now easier to start again.

Example - A client requires a dog walk every Monday and Tuesday throughout June. You have created a service order and booked a dog walk for Monday through Friday (by mistake). In this example, it is easier to delete all the services you have created for the month and re-schedule them correctly.

Important: The delete function should be used with care. Unlike voided or canceled items, deleted items may not be re-instated or recovered. They are permanently removed from your system and can only be recovered with a backup copy of your data.

As a safeguard against accidental deletions, a warning will appear that will require you to confirm your deletion by clicking a second "delete" button. 


As an additional safeguard, if the date of a service is in the past, or if a service has already been invoiced, then the service cannot be deleted without being voided or cancelled first. 


Services that are deleted:

  • are removed from your service order completely and cannot be reinstated, but new services can be re-scheduled to replace the ones that have been deleted

  • are removed from the administrators schedule and the staff schedule so that the work does not get carried out

  • are removed from client quotes and invoices 

  • are removed from staff compensation reports 


NOTE: Deleted jobs CANNOT be re-instated like a canceled or voided job.


Navigate to Scheduler > Schedule > Column View


How Do I Delete One or Multiple Services from the Column View?

  • To delete one or more services, select the service(s) by checking the box to the left of the service, or

  • ​Use the "All" checkbox above the Schedule to select all services​.

  • Then click "Delete".


  • Once you delete a service, it will be removed completely from the admin/staff/client Schedules and from the service order.​

  • Deleted services will not appear on client invoices.

  • To re-instate the services, you'll need to add them again by using the "Add Services" button in the client's service order.

        ON MOBILE 



  • Tap the Navigator, and select Scheduler > Schedule > Column View


  • To delete services from the column view, navigate to the services you need to delete.

  • Use the right/left arrows in the column header to move through the columns on the Schedule (Morning, Midday, etc).

  • Select the service(s) by tapping the checkbox(es).

  • You can check individual services, or use the "All" checkbox to select all services​.

  • Then tap "Actions".



  • Tap "Delete" to delete the selected service(s). 

  • Your deleted services will be removed completely from admin/staff/client Schedules and from the service order.


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