Custom fields changes everything. Have you ever thought it would be wonderful if your pet sitting database could contain any data that you wanted, presented in just about any way you could imagine. Well release version 5.3 takes customization of your pet sitting database to the next level.  


Create your own pages of information

Custom fields enables you to create whole pages of new information, for example you could have a "boarding" page or a "pet sitting" page. Pages are accessed via your client record and not only can you create new pages but you can also modify our standard pages as well. This means that with the advent of custom fields, not only can you create new data, but you can also change the information that you already have.


Create sections within pages

Sections are groups of data that appear on a page under a section heading, for example, "Emergency Contact". The Emergency Contact section would typically contain all fields associated with an emergency contact and can be moved around within a page for rapid development of your new data model.


Create fields within sections - as many as you like

Fields typically contain a single piece of information such as "date of birth". Fields live in "sections" and can have a variety of formats and styles such as

  • text,

  • notpad,

  • multi-choice drop down,

  • multi-choice radio,  

  • phone

  • email address

  • postal address

  • date

  • number etc


Fields can be moved up and down the screen within sections and presented in any order you like.


What about access to this information for staff and the clients?

It's easy to make this new information available to staff and clients alike using our powerful and simple access controls. For almost all Pages, Sections and Fields the following controls are available;


General Controls


Hidden - The data element is hidden from all interfaces including the admin interface. This is useful if you need to retire a data element but want to keep the data contained within it.


Client Controls


Hidden in Portal - The data element is hidden from the "Your Data" section in the client portal, making it unavailable to clients.


Locked in Portal - The data element (if displayed) in the your data section of the client portal cannot be updated by your clients.


Staff Controls


Restricted Staff Access - The data element is not visible for staff who are designated as restricted access.


Admin Only - The data element is not visible to any staff members other than those designated as administrators.

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