Most users of Pet Sitter Plus who provide a dog walking service are in a position of trust, holding keys on behalf of their clients. Larger users employing many staff might be holding hundreds of keys and sometimes multiple keys for the same client. Any pet sitting business manager knows that the management of keys can quickly become a problem. Being able to answer the simplest of questions like "where are my keys" and "who has a key to walk Sammy today?" is essential to the smooth operation of your business.


If you are managing a large number of keys in your pet sitting business then you might be relieved to know that release version 5 of Pet Sitter Plus now contains a comprehensive key management system with the following highlights;


  1. Flexible - Create as many key records for each client as required. Each key has a name, (such as "Front Door",) a unique reference and a full description.

  2. Assign Keys - Each key can be assigned to a pet sitter and then re-assigned as required either to a different pet sitter or back to head office.

  3. Track Key Movements - The system keeps a full record of the most recent key re-assignments showing the date and times of when keys were re-assigned.

  4. Improve Scheduling - Green and red key icons appearing in the schedule now provide administrators with an immediate picture of who does and who does not have a key to complete the days pet sitting work.

  5. Sitters can manage key lists - Sitters can now monitor their own key lists and can re-assign keys to other sitters as appropriate.

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