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Our powerful time recording function allows you to see a real-time view of your staff's locations with our advanced GPS reporting solution, plus view a staff activity report that details all staff members' work and travel time, including a series of notifications that can alert you to possible issues with staff performance. 

However, it is essential that you understand and enable the settings that must be configured to ensure you have an accurate staff activity report and that notifications are triggered to allow you to monitor staff performance and highlight any potential issues.


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Understanding How Work Time and Travel Time are Calculated >

An explanation of how the time recording function calculates work and travel time, and how you can set up your software to show it as a separate total.

Setting the Client Location >

To enable GPS notifications, the live sitters' map and staff activity report to function correctly, each client's address must be set up with GPS co-ordinates.

Settings for Work & Travel Time >

How to ensure you have the correct configuration for work and travel time to be accurately calculated in the Staff Activity Report.

GPS and Location Accuracy >

A detailed explanation of how the GPS works with the mobile networks, and how certain geographic features can affect your ability to check-in and out with an accurate time and location.

GPS Accuracy Meter >

A detailed explanation of how the accuracy works when you check-in to Pet Sitter Plus from the Version 6.0 Staff Dashboard.


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