New Release v5.3.3 >

April 2016 - Including:

Introducing "Customizable" Online Visit Reports > 

Your sitters can now provide quality feedback after every visit direct from their mobile phones.


If you currently send a text after every visit, or leave a note of some kind, you might like our Customizable Online Visit Feedback Report.


With this new feature you can:


  • Design any type of online visit report you like.

  • Provide your clients with different feedback depending on the type of the visit.

  • Take a picture of the pet at every visit which then becomes part of the visit report.

  • Clients receive feedback via email but can also access all historic reports from within the client portal.

  • Administrators can see all visit feedback reports by simply clicking on the job in the schedule.

  • Administrators can add their own comments to visit feedback reports.

"Your Data" Enhancements

"Your Data" gets a facelift in the client portal and is now beautiful, intuitive and engaging for your clients.


The “Your Data” tab in the client portal now fully supports the conventions of Custom Fields.


Any pages that you create using Custom Fields are now presented with the same pagination in “Your Data” in the client portal.


  • Client pages are now accessible via tabs

  • Pet pages are now indexed via page tabs.

  • No more scrolling down through long pages of information.

  • Data is presented more clearly.

  • The user experience is more engaging and enjoyable.

Support for Display Conditions

Make database screens more relevant, intuitive and engaging using Display Conditions.


  • Display Conditions for Custom Fields
    • As an upgrade to "Custom Fields" (first launched in release version 5.3), 5.3.3 now supports Display Conditions for Custom Fields. With display conditions, database screens can be made to be more intuitive by only displaying information when relevant.


  • Hide sections until they are relevant
    • Whole sections of information can be hidden until the value of a chosen field is set to a specific value. For example a section called "Walking Collar & Leash" might only be displayed if the value of "Pet Type" is "Dog".


  • Hide fields until they are relevant
    • Specific fields of information can be hidden until the value of another field is set to a specific value. For example a fields called "Chip Number" might only be displayed if the check-box labelled "Micro Chipped" is ticked.


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