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New Release v5.5 >

August 2016 - Including:

What is ACH?

Instead of entering credit or debit card details, your client links their bank account to Pet Sitter Plus in the client portal. In doing so they authorize you to take payments directly from their account.

Changes to job requests:

In this release the processing of job requests has been enhanced to make it possible to manage any kind of booking (not just online bookings) through the job request processing system.

Changes to the online visit feedback report:

Changes to custom fields:


Vet record can now be viewed and selected by clients in the client portal >

It is now possible for your clients to view and select a vet for each pet in the client portal.

New client portal header button >

It is now possible to create a button of your choice that will appear on the client portal header. The purpose of the button is to direct your clients to a web page of your choosing.

New clients report >

This new report provides a list of new clients between any given date range.

New clients are defined as “clients who received their first scheduled service within the date range specified”.

Changes to the Stripe credit card data entry screen >​

Some clients have commented that their clients have said that the credit card data entry screen did not "look" secure. We realized that clients of our clients feel more comforted when they see reassuring logo's and banners that tell them a page is secure so we have added some.


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