Improved features for managing online service requests



The process of approving an online service request can sometimes be complex. Maybe you have to ask your client a number of questions before you can process their order or maybe you have to refer to one or more sitters. Understanding where you are up to when processing an order can be a challenge.

To help with processing your clients various requests for service, release 5.6 contains some great new functionality.

New Release v5.6 >

January 2017 - Including:

Job Request Processing Enhancements:


Association of job requests with orders >

Some of your clients may order different types of services all at the same time through the client portal. Some services might need to be associated with different service orders so that they can be processed under separate workflow and invoiced separately. In this new release you can now associate job requests with different service orders before they are processed onto the schedule and with the introduction of a notepad, you can now keep track of your efforts to process your individual orders.

Service order and job request notepad >

Each service order now has a notepad into which you can record the details of actions you have taken when processing an order. This feature is perfect for businesses that employ more than one administrator or for clients who need to keep track of order processing. 

Convert a job back into a job request >

Even after a job has been scheduled, something might go wrong for example maybe your sitter is no longer available or maybe your client has changed their dates. Whatever the issue, sometimes you have to go back to square one in order to re-approve an order.


In this release it is possible to re-instate a scheduled service back to being an unscheduled job request so that it can be "re-processed" as a request.

Email confirmations from the service order >

The option to email service confirmations from the service order to either staff or clients is included in this release.


This functionality, long since available for job requests has now been extended to the service order. This means that you are now able to confirm one or more scheduled services to either your staff members, or your client or both.

Create requests associated with a service order >

If your client should use direct email, text or phone to tell you about their service requirements, PSP now provides functionality to add job requests manually that are associated with orders.

Auto submit job requests >

A feature to help identify clients who forget to click submit when ordering services online.


This feature will alert you to the presence of un-submitted job requests so that you can liaise with your client, reducing the possibility of services being missed.

Diary / Scheduling Enhancements:

Email clients one by one from the Dairy about services due to start >

It is now possible to identify services that are about to start using the "first service only" option in the DIARY view. Using this option it is now possible to write to clients one by one about services that are due to start.

Email clients in bulk from the Schedule about services due to start >

It is now possible to identify services that are about to start using the "first service only" option in the SCHEDULE view. Using this option it is now possible to write to clients in bulk about services that are due to start.

Email sitters in bulk from the schedule about services due to start >

It is now possible to identify services that are about to start using the "first service only" option in the DIARY & SCHEDULE views. Using this option it is now possible to write to staff about services that are due to start.

Storm days - bulk emailing clients from the schedule >

It is now possible to bulk email clients from the schedule for any reason. For example you could bulk email your clients when their service is cancelled on a snow day or a holiday.

Other Enhancements:

Always Show Cancelled Jobs in the staff and client portal schedules >

To date, it has only been possible to see late cancelled items in the staff and client portal schedules. Now there is a new setting to see all cancelled items in the staff and client portal schedules.

Hide Internal services from the client portal schedules >

There are some services that you want your staff to see, but not your clients. For example, you offer a free of charge walk with your daycare service, but it maybe that you do not want your clients to see this free service in their schedule in the client portal (in case it confuses them). These services can be thought of as "Internal Services" and in release 5,6 you now have the option to hide internal services from the client portal schedule so that clients no longer see them.

New advanced settings for diary periods >

Enhanced Dairy Period controls enable more powerful sort options for the services in your diary.


New "Prefer ACH" option (USA only) >

Using the new "Prefer ACH" option means that you can encourage clients to use ACH instead of entering a credit card. "Prefer ACH" when selected will mean that your client sees the option to enter their bank account before offer ACH to your client first

Problems / Issues Addressed:

Problems with Auto-Pay when taking payments from credit cards

If you use Stripe to take payments from credit cards, you may have noticed that for some clients (seemingly at random) you are not able to take payments from their card. The symptom is that the green "S" is not present and no options are available to take the payment.


This problem occurs when a client using the "pay now" function enters a new card. The problem is caused when the expiry date was not being recorded properly and when consequently Pet Sitter Plus thinks that the new card is out of date. This problem was not affecting cards entered through settings in the client portal.


This problem is resolved in release 5.6 and you will once again be able to take payments as normal for all clients cards no matter how they were entered into the system.


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