Pet Sitter Plus is browser independent software, and works with later versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


If you currently use another browser, don’t worry, you can continue to use this but you may wish to download a new browser specifically for accessing Pet Sitter Plus if you prefer. The best advice is to use Pet Sitter Plus on your current browser and see if it suits your particular setup.

Here are some links that may help:

Install Mozilla Firefox

Install Google Chrome

Install Safari


The example below demonstrates how to download and set up Google Chrome if it not already installed on your PC, laptop, cellphone or tablet, it only takes a minute to install and is very easy to do. 

How do I install Google Chrome?

  • Type "Install Google Chrome" into your browser search engine

  • Choose the most appropriate link that matches your geographical location to download Chrome.

Identify the correct link for a WINDOWS or MAC installation.


  • Click the link "Download the installation file"

Check that you have the correct version for your operating system, either Windows or Mac.


  • Click the button "Download Chrome"


NOTE: If it is not the correct one, click the link under the button "Download Chrome for another platform".

When Chrome has opened, navigate to a new tab.


  1. Paste in your pet business URL that was provided in your welcome email into the address bar. NOTE: replace the link shown in the example below with your own unique URL for your business.

  2. Click the "star" icon to save your Pet Sitter Plus login page to your "favourites" or "bookmarks bar" in Chrome.

  3. If you save the link to the bookmarks bar it will appear here. If you cannot see a bookmarks bar in your browser, follow the instructions below.

  • If your bookmarks bar isn't being displayed, click the three vertical dots towards the top right of the Google Chrome screen

  • Click "Bookmarks" from the menu

  • Make sure that the option "Show bookmarks bar" has a tick against it.


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading scheduling and billing solution for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Dog Day Care Centres and Kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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