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Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with a selection of services that are common to pet sitting businesses, such as dog walking, potty breaks, home visits, overnights and daycare.


Plus Pet Sitter Plus contains a very powerful services module that enables you to create all the service items that your pet business supplies. Service Items can then be added to service orders as and when they are requested by your clients.


The Service Items that appear on your orders can be set to appear in your diary, your schedule, in the planner and in the Client Portal according to the settings you determine in this section.


Pet Sitter Plus has added functionality that allows you to group your services and your clients for special pricing or marketing purposes.


Staff payments can also be set at different rates so that their compensation can be applied to suit a set of rules that you determine.


They are also used in the GPS notification reporting of how your staff are checking-in and -out of their daily schedule.


Once you have set up a few service items and feel ready to learn more, you can read about how they are implemented in Pet Sitter Plus in Service Items.

2-1 Add Service Items >

Learn how to edit an existing service item, and how to create a new service, including setting standard compensation.


2-2 Add Charge Conditions >

How to add a charge condition to your new service item, plus how to add a discount and multiple conditions to cover all circumstances.


2-3 Add Compensation Conditions >

How to add a compensation condition to your new service item, plus how to add a pay condition and multiple conditions to cover all circumstances.



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading scheduling and billing solution for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Dog Day Care Centres and Kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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