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Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with several example client records for you to use during your training, and each of these clients also has one or two service orders that have various services scheduled. In Step 6 - Add Service Orders you created a service order with repeat services, and in this section we will see how your order displays in the schedule and how you can edit a service from the schedule.


There are two main views of the scheduling information held in Pet Sitter Plus, the "Schedule List" view and the "Schedule Column" view.


Both of these views show the same scheduling information and offer the same functionality, just presented in different ways. Different businesses will prefer using either view depending on the type of services they offer and the way in which they prefer to work.


Once you have viewed your service order and repeat service in the schedule and feel ready to learn more, you can read about the options available in Pet Sitter Plus for working with the Schedule.

7-1 View Scheduled Repeat Service >

See how to view all your repeat services once they have been scheduled.


7-2 Edit a Service in the Schedule >

Learn how to edit a scheduled service direct from the Schedule.


7-3 Schedule More Services >

At this stage, it will be helpful to view alternative services in the schedule, and is good practice to create another service order and schedule some more services.

7-4 Check Schedule Options >

How to make changes to the display in the Schedule Column View and how it relates to the "times" of services that are scheduled.



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